Who We Are

About the MISS ONELIFE Organization - We are the number 1 Romanian company in the international beauty pageant industry. We are the exclusive representatives in Romania of the most important international beauty competitions.

The MISS ONELIFE Organization

We have 19 years of national and international experience in events production, beauty contests and modeling.

A company with Qualified National Directors in more than 100 countries. Their responsibility is to apply in each country the international promotional plan of the host country, host city, MISS ONELIFE and its partners. Our National Directors also select and prepare the contestants who will represent their countries in the MISS ONELIFE international beauty contest.

MISS ONELIFE and the cryptocurrency

We are the first organization in the beauty pageant industry who decided to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies. We decided to show to the entire world that no matter how big are the costs of the production, the cryptocurrency can be used like any other fiat currency (US dollars, euro, etc.) to cover all the production costs. We believe that the cryptocurrencies are the future of payments and the financial transactions.


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