Marcie Monfret - the MISS ONELIFE 2019 Winner

Miss France, Marcie Monfret was crowned as MISS ONELIFE 2019 on 7th of April 2019 at Bamboo Club in Bucharest, Romania, becoming the first MISS ONELIFE winner. Alongside the prestigious MISS ONELIFE crown, Marcie Monfret won a 100.000 euro luxury car. 30 delegates from 30 countries participated in the first MISS ONELIFE international beauty pageant. For appearance requests please CONTACT US!

Marcie Monfret was born in Le Havre - France, she is 27 years old,1.75 m height and she speaks fluently English and French. Besides her passion for beauty pageants, Marcie is a photographer, model and entrepreneur. She started the entrepreneurship in 2013 when she started the online publication ‘GIRLYS”, that promotes the young artists (designers, make-up astists, hair-stylists, etc). Recently she started her second company, specialized in branding. As a photographer, Marciea works with numerous magazines, brands and international models. Marcie visited over 50 countries for the last 4 years, combining successfully her profession, business and passion. Marcie activated also in television, on the TV show called “The queen of shopping” (“Les reines du shopping”) produced by the French Television. As future plans, Marcie wants to launch her own swimsuit brand.

”Winning the title and the MISS ONELIFE 2019 crown is more than I could ever expected before going to Romania, reason why the joy that I lived in that moment is indescribable. I want to thank firstly to all Romanians for their hospitality and their warm welcome in all the places which we visited during our stay in Romania, but also to the organizers for their professionalism that they had during my stay in Romania. I will definitely recommend to all the French people to come and visit Romania and the amazing touristic destinations of this country. I would also like to thank to all the people that trusted and supported me over the years, because with their help I fulfilled one of my wishes which I had since my childhood, to win an international beauty pageant.” declared Marcie Monfret – MISS ONELIFE 2019


MISS ONELIFE 2019: FRANCE - Marcie Monfret
First Runner-up: SWEDEN - Karin Elisabeth Tornblom
Second Runner-up: LATVIA - Tetiana Bondarenko
Third Runner-up: VIETNAM - Anh Nguyen Thi
Fourth Runner-up: MOLDOVA - Ana Badaneu

TOP 10:

Special Prizes:
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - People’s Choice – ROMANIA - Ana Maria Serban
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Best Evening Gown – FINLAND – Anna Opalko
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Best National Costume – BRAZIL – Marcela Mello Sanches
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Best Body – USA – Nataliia Levenets
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Best Talent – CHINA – Miao Li
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Mass Media Award – PARAGUAY – Sol Maria Sanchez Benitez
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Social Media Award – TAIWAN – Man-Jung Kao
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Premier Palace Special Award – MOLDOVA - Ana Badaneu
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Sponsor’s Special Award – ITALY – Giovanna Taormina
MISS ONELIFE 2019 - Sponsor’s Special Award – GREECE – Sofia Krania

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The MISS ONELIFE 2019 Winner – Miss France, Marcie Monfret